Alwin Farahani

Alwin Farahani has been an attorney at La Gro Geelkerken since 2021. Before that, he worked as an attorney at a medium-sized firm in Leiden for several years and also as an attorney at a legal service provider in Zoetermeer with a niche practice. Alwin specialises in real estate, construction and procurement law and represents the interests of municipalities and real estate developers. In addition to conducting a consulting practice, he regularly litigates for clients. Alwin is a committed attorney with an eye for the interests of the client. He looks beyond the legal to find a solution that is most desirable for his clients. In that regard, he approaches legal issues and disputes with a creative eye. In his free time, Alwin enjoys making music and working out.

Specialist fields 

  • Property law 
  • Construction law 
  • Procurement law 

Background and extracurricular 

  • 2016, Master's Degree in Civil Law (Leiden University) 
  • 2014, Bachelor of Law (Leiden University) 
  • 2014, Practicum Musicae clarinet (Royal Conservatory of Music The Hague) 
  • Member of the Young Bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands 

Recent files 

  • Advising and litigating a construction dispute and breach of contractual construction agreements in North Holland; 
  • Drafting agreements for a real estate developer as part of the purchase of plots of land in Leiden; 
  • Litigating before the Council of State of the Netherlands regarding the placement of underground residual waste containers in The Hague. 
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A.M. (Alwin) Farahani

Specialist Procurement law & Real Estate law

The resolution of a dispute, in my view, lies in getting to the heart of everyone's interest. That's the main starting point to get to a satisfactory result and that's where the challenge lies for me.
Alwin Farahani
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