Anke van de Laar

Anke has been a lawyer since 1998 and joined La Gro Geelkerken in 2019. She advises and litigates (mainly for local authorities) on a wide range of administrative law cases, including cases relating to environmental law, freedom of information laws, and privacy law. Anke spent several years working at a large local authority, which she considers to be a huge advantage in providing consulting services to local authorities. She is also well versed in politically sensitive cases. Anke is a dedicated team player and ideal sparring partner, both on a public service and administrative level. She has a pragmatic attitude and a keen eye for detail. In her spare time, Anke enjoys photography, and then macro photography in particular.

specialist areas

  • Administrative law
  • Environmental law
  • Administrative enforcement
  • Privacy law

Background and other work

  • 1995 Leiden University, Dutch Law
  • 2002 Netherlands Institute for Construction Law, Public Construction Law
  • 2011 Netherlands Institute for Construction Law, Private Construction Law
  • 2006-2011 legal counsel at a large local authority
  • 2017 Tilburg University, Postgraduate Specialisation Programme in Privacy and Personal Data
  • Member of the Association of Construction Lawyers
  • Member of the Administrative Law Association
  • Member of the Privacy Law Association.
  • Environmental law lecturer at SEGMENT Education

Recent cases

  • Planning and zoning law: advising and litigating on zoning plans and environmental permits, representing mainly local authorities in cases on transformation areas and the redevelopment of traveller and houseboat sites.
  • Enforcement: advising and litigating on the imposing of orders subject to a penalty for non-compliance or administrative enforcement and recovery decisions.  
  • Advising (and litigating on behalf of) local authorities on matters relating to the General Municipal Bylaw, Municipalities Act, and freedom of information laws 
  • Advising (and litigating on behalf of) local authorities in cases regarding privacy and undermining. 
Contact details
A.M. (Anke) van de Laar

Specialist Administrative law & Privacy and data protection (AVG/GDPR)

Call: +31 172 530 250