Brigitta van der Heijden

Brigitta has been working at the La Gro Geelkerken law firm for 18 years. With her experience in HRM, she can spot talent and has an eye for the development needs of La Gro Geelkerken’s employees. She understands what’s important to employees and that they are the key to the success of the law firm and its clients. In her private life, she has learnt as a photographer to change her perspective and approach things from different angles.

Specialist areas

Brigitta is an HR Advisor with 25 years’ experience in her field. She is responsible for employee recruitment, selection, performance reviews, and training.

Contact details
B. (Brigitta) van der Heijden
Employees who feel appreciated will always outperform expectations.
Brigitta van der Heijden
HR Advisor
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