Coline Norde

Coline has been an administrative lawyer since 2008. She mainly handles cases relating to environmental law, enforcement, and undermining. Coline helps clients find (practical) solutions, gives advice and - if necessary - litigates. Her client base is made up predominantly of public authorities and companies. Before she became a lawyer, she worked at the Court of Utrecht’s administrative law sector. Alongside her work as a lawyer, Coline teaches and writes annotations for the foundation advising courts in environmental law and spatial planning disputes (StAB). In her free time, Coline enjoys going to the theatre.

Specialist areas

  • Administrative (procedural) law
  • Environmental law
  • Enforcement
  • Undermining

Background and other work

  • 2001, Dutch Law, major in Administrative Law and Private Law
  • 2014, Grotius Specialisation Programme in Spatial Planning Law and Environmental Law
  • Member of the Construction Law Association.
  • Member of the VAR Administrative Law Association.
  • Administrative law coordinator at Netlaw
  • 2007-2021, Lawyer/editor at Advocatenblad
  • 2014-2021, Administrative law lecturer in the vocational training programme for lawyers
  • 2021-present Lecturer at SEGMENT Education
  • 2021-present Annotator for StAB

 Recent cases

  • Environmental law: Advising and litigating on environmental permits, zoning plans, and losses due to government planning decisions.
  • Enforcement: Advising and litigating on the imposing of orders subject to a penalty for non-compliance or administrative enforcement and recovery decisions. For nationally listed buildings, among other things, and use contrary to zoning plan.
  • Undermining: Advising and litigating in the area of public order (the Municipalities Act or general municipal bylaw) and Section 13b of the Opium Act.
Contact details
C.H. (Coline) Norde

Specialist Administrative law

I like to approach a case from multiple angles to - where possible and in the client’s best interest - reach an amicable settlement.
Coline Norde
Lawyer, Partner

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