Frans Langerak

Frans studied law in Leiden and Paris. After completing a dual Master’s programme in Business Law and Criminal Law, he embarked on his career as a lawyer in 2015. After first doing the compulsory professional training for lawyers, Frans completed the postgraduate Business & Liability programme at Grotius Academy. Having been at La Gro Geelkerken for several years now, Frans’ activities revolve mainly around drawing up and assessing (acquisition) contracts, advising shareholders and directors on business law issues, and conducting proceedings in (directors’) liability cases. While Frans is a hard worker, he also knows when to take his foot off the gas in the interest of the case and his client. The best outcome is always his aim and what he puts all his efforts into. Besides his work in the legal domain, Frans is also active in local politics in his home town of Alphen aan den Rijn, and he takes to the wheel of a cruise liner or inland vessel now and again.

Specialist areas

  • Business and liability law
  • Contract law
  • Mergers & acquisitions

Background and other work

  • 2014, Leiden University, Master’s degree in Law with a major in Business Law
  • 2015, Leiden University, Master’s degree in Law with a major in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.
  • 2019, Netherlands Bar Association; Professional training for the legal profession
  • 2019, Grotius Academy; Postgraduate Specialisation Programme in Business & Liability
  • Member of the Alphen aan den Rijn local council
  • Member of the Ter Aar Rotary Club

Recent cases

  • Business and liability law: advising directors, shareholders, and supervisory officers on business law issues and disputes and broad liability issues, as well as litigating in cases on such issues.
Contact details
P.T.F. (Frans) Langerak

Specialist Corporate law & Commercial contracts and commercial litigation

A sustainable solution is what I aim for. That goes slowly sometimes and quickly other times, but we ultimately always get there.