Maya Perfors

Maya has been working in family law for nearly 40 years, as a lawyer and mediator. She has a wealth of experience, including in complex divorces and cases for entrepreneurs. On top of that, she has been a deputy justice at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal for many years, giving her prime knowledge of judges’ perspective on certain cases. It enables her to accurately estimate the chances of success in legal proceedings. Maya is a no-nonsense and committed person. She focuses on solutions. This also means that she does her absolute best to reach a settlement instead of conducting lengthy and costly procedures. This is particularly true in cases involving children. She is regularly asked for advice on how to approach a case or to open new avenues in negotiations on a settlement for a dispute or in a mediation process.

Specialist areas

  • Family law and mediation

Background and other work

  • 1983, Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam
  • 1992, Mediation course at VFAS
  • 2000, Legal Specialisation Course at VFAS
  • Continuous education; annual further training and peer review
  • Deputy justice at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • Board member at the Foundation for Disciplinary Law for Divorce Mediators (VFAS)
  • Member of VFAS
  • Member of MfN

Recent cases

  • Mediation in the realm of family law
  • Divorce and termination of cohabitation
  • Settlement of prenuptial agreement and cohabitation agreement
  • Division of community property and simple communities
  • Child and spousal maintenance
Contact details
M. (Maya) Perfors

Specialist Family law

You set the target. You set the result you want to achieve, no one else. I can advise and help you with that. Because you are not on your own anymore. I will assist you with advice and actions to achieve your goal and get the best possible outcome for you.
Maya Perfors

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