Michelle Collins

Michelle has been an attorney since 2013. She is specialised in health law and employment law. She provides legal advice to healthcare organisations and employers on a variety of (HR) issues, including in the areas of reorganisations, termination of employment cases, contract law, compliance in healthcare, medical scientific research, medical disciplinary law and privacy law. Michelle is the link within the office when it comes to issues requiring specialist knowledge of healthcare-specific laws and regulations. Michelle characterises herself as a driven, committed and approachable attorney. She litigates when necessary, but also enjoys acting as a sparring partner for her clients and thinking about practical solutions. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys cooking and travelling. During a trip around the world, she saw many special places and learned about various cultures and cuisines.

Specialist areas

  • Health law  
  • Labour law 

Background and other work

  • 2012, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Healthcare Law 
  • 2014, Leiden University, Law (Civil Law with an emphasis on Labour Law) 
  • 2021, Grotius Health Law specialist course  
  • Member of the Young Employment Attorneys Association (VJAA) 
  • Member of the Health Law Association (VGR)  

 Recent cases  

  • Advising and litigating in the areas of health law and employment law. 
  • Assisting and advising in such matters as termination of employment procedures, termination settlements and organisational changes. 
  • Recently, Michelle oversaw a successful acquisition of a business unit of a hospital. 
  • Michelle regularly advises on contracts related to medical scientific research. 
Contact details
M.M. (Michelle) Collins

Specialist Employment law & Health & Life Sciences

In health law, several facets of the law come together. I like to help my clients get an overview among the thicket of laws and regulations and find practical solutions.
Michelle Collins

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