Panc van Kooij

Panc became a lawyer immediately after graduating from law school. After working for a Dutch bank for a brief period, he opened his own firm in Rotterdam in 1999. Since then, Panc was appointed as the receiver in numerous bankruptcy cases and worked mainly for entrepreneurs, banks, and institutional investors, assisting them in matters relating to business cessation, takeovers, and enforcement of security interests. Panc continued this practice when he joined the La Gro law firm in 2018. Since La Gro’s merger with Geelkerken Linskens, Panc has been heading up a growing team of lawyers dedicated to the above fields. Panc maintains long-term relationships with his clients and likes to invest in these relationships. He is into sports and he is a loyal person with a great sense of humour. For those who consider it a plus: Panc speaks fluent French.

Specialist areas

  • Insolvency law
  • Business law
  • Financing and security interests

Background and other work

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1991
  • Grotius Insolvency Law (INSOLAD)
  • Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers

Recent cases

  • Advising on the incorporation of companies and partnerships, advising on and assisting in company takeovers, mediation in disputes between shareholders and termination of partnerships, advising on and assisting in proceedings around directors’ liability.
  • Advising on and assisting in proceedings around termination of financing agreements and (enforcement) of security interests, advising companies in difficulty, filing for bankruptcy and debt moratoria.
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P.W. (Panc) van Kooij

Specialist Insolvency, financing and securities

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Panc van Kooij
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