Pieter Frölich

Pieter has been working in business and insolvency law since 2016 and joined La Gro Geelkerken as a lawyer and receiver in 2020. Pieter’s practice is all about ironing out legal problems, advising on things such as corporate governance, and settling a wide range of different disputes. When working together with Pieter, transparency and smooth communication come first. Pieter also considers the underlying dynamics and potentially conflicting interests, as he looks for creative and acceptable solutions. In between times, he likes to follow the news, read a book, stretch his legs, and get behind the stove.

Specialist areas

  • Business law
  • Insolvency law
  • Financing and security interests
  • Commercial dispute settlement

Background and other work

  • 2012, Leiden University (Civil Law)
  • 2012, Leiden University (Encyclopaedia and Philosophy of Law)
  • Member of the Association of Young Insolvency Lawyers

Recent cases

  • assisting in the merger of the Cordaid and ICCO charities;
  • advising and litigating in shareholder disputes and cases on directors’ and officers’ liability;
  • assisting companies in difficulty
  • advising on business relaunches/takeovers;
  • advising and litigating on (enforcement of) security interests;
  • acting as a receiver in bankruptcy cases.

Publications by Pieter Frölich


Contact details
P.J. (Pieter) Frölich

Specialist Corporate law & Insolvency, financing and securities

Call: +31 172 530 250

Call: +31 172 530 250