Rachida Raddahi

Rachida has been a working at the La Gro Geelkerken law firm since 2017. A member of the Property section, Rachida focuses mainly on the field of civil construction law, and then on tenancy law in particular. Hers is a combined advisory and litigation practice, assisting mainly local authorities and companies. Rachida is a committed and accessible lawyer who likes to go the extra mile for her clients. Taking her clients’ needs as her starting point, she harnesses all these qualities to work towards a solution in a targeted way. In her free time, Rachida likes to travel.

Specialist areas

  • Property
  • Tenancy law
  • Public sector

Background and other work

  • 2016, University of Amsterdam (Master’s degree in Private Law, major in Private Law Practice)
  • 2016, University of Amsterdam (Master’s degree in Employment Law)
  • 2021 – present, Specialisation Programme in Tenancy Law
  • 2021 – present, Member of the Association of Tenancy Lawyers
  • 2019 – 2020, Member of the Lawyers for Lawyers Committee of the Young Bar Association at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands;
  • 2018 – present, Member of the Young Bar Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

Recent cases

  • Tenancy law: looking after landlords’ and tenants’ interests in tenancy disputes; assisting landlords and tenants in the formation and termination of leases for commercial premises;
  • Civil property law: advising in the area of construction disputes, arbitration cases in the building industry, purchase of property, easements, ground lease, apartment rights, and statutory rights and duties between neighbours;
  • Advising public authorities and project developers in entering into agreements with a public-sector body, land development agreements, cost recovery agreements, development agreements, public-private partnerships.
Contact details
R. (Rachida) Raddahi

Specialist Tenancy law & Real Estate law

There is a solution to every problem. Finding that solution is my challenge.
Rachida Raddahi

Call: +31 172 530 250