Tess Schakenbos

Tess has a higher vocational degree and has been working at La Gro Geelkerken since 2012. She grown into been a fixture within various practices across the firm. After starting out as a legal secretary, she grew into a legal assistant role where her responsibilities include our firm’s centralised cause list management. It makes her the connection between firm and the legal system. Her experience also makes her a trusted source of reference in the litigation practice. Colleagues and clients all appreciate Tess’ versatility and open character. With her enthusiasm and curiosity, she is particularly good at getting to the bottom of cases and understanding every single detail of them. In her free time, Tess enjoys playing tennis and prefers to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.

Specialist areas

  • General legal assistance

Background and other work

  • Education 2011: Higher Vocational Programme in Law, University of Applied Sciences Leiden

Recent cases

  • Drawing up contracts for tendering procedures
  • Claim collection
  • Assistance in civil law proceedings
Contact details
T.C.M (Tess) Schakenbos
I always like to sink my teeth into cases to achieve the best possible outcome
Tess Schakenbos
Legal Assistant
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