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6 oktober 2020

Employers subsidy for salary during COVID-19 extended

The NOW scheme, under which employers can receive a subsidy for their salary costs, will be extended for a third time.

The following are the most important highlights of NOW 3.0:

  • The period between 1 October 2020 and 1 July 2021 will be divided into 3 time periods, each three months:

-Period 1: October – November - December
-Period 2: January – February - March
-Period 3: April – May – Jun

      • During period 1, a revenue loss of 20% is required to be eligible for subsidy under the NOW scheme. For period 2 and period 3, a minimum revenue loss of 30% is required;
      • The subsidy will decrease with each period: during period 1, employers will receive a subsidy for 80% of their salary costs, during period 2, employers will receive 70% and during period 3, employers will receive 60%;
      • The total wage sum over the periods is allowed to decrease with respectively 10% (period 1), 15% (period 2) and 20% (period 3) without any consequences to the total subsidy amount;
      • Employers will no longer receive a lower subsidy in case of dismissals based on business economic grounds;
      • As from period 3, the maximum wage to be compensated for per employee will be 1 x the maximum daily wage (+/-. EUR 5,000 per month).
      Further details of NOW 3.0 will be published by 1 October 2020. The UWV aims open applications per 16 November 2020. Employers will be able to apply for subsidy under the NOW 3.0 retroactively (backdated to 1 October 2020).

      Further information

      For further information on temporary measures by the Dutch government to support (international) business against the effects of COVID-19, please contact Joost Vrancken Peeters or David Korzec.