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6 mei 2021

New Dutch Quarantine Rules

Based on draft legislation, stricter Dutch Covid-19 quarantine rules are expected to come into effect as per 15 May 2021.

These new rules would have the following effects:

  • All travelers entering from high risk countries (code orange and red) will have to be in mandatory quarantine (as is currently the case). Currently all countries outside the Netherlands are at least code orange. This is expected to change after 15 May 2021, but the Dutch government has yet to confirm what countries will be taken off the orange or red list.
  • The quarantine must last for at least 10 days (or less in the event of a negative test result).
  • The quarantine will be enforced more rigorously by the Dutch government by (i) calling you directly at your quarantine address at random intervals and/or (ii) visiting your quarantine location directly.
  • In the event you are not in conformity with quarantine rules, a fine of EUR 435 is applicable, which (due to the amount) means it may be recorded on your criminal record. The criminal record may have direct consequences for your residence permit.

The above is subject to change before the new legislation takes effect.

Further information

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