Corporate law

Our corporate attorneys are specialised advisors who will assist you with all corporate law issues. We advise entrepreneurs, shareholders and directors on business acquisitions, on the right legal form and on possible liability. We assist in mergers and acquisitions and contribute to the interpretation of corporate governance issues. We also assist you if there is a dispute.

Our approach 

Our Corporate Law team is ready to assist entrepreneurs in complex corporate law processes. We make complex legal issues understandable and manageable. We assist you if you want to grow through a merger or acquisition, if you have to make high-impact decisions and in the event of an (imminent) dispute. 

Our advice is aimed at effectively solving problems and unburdening the entrepreneur.   

The Corporate Law team consists of several sub-divisions of specialist legal fields. Through specialist knowledge and extensive experience, we always act quickly and effectively.  

Your specialist
Gerard Gort

Specialist Corporate law & Commercial contracts and commercial litigation

Here’s what we can do for you

Our specialists deal with mergers and acquisitions on a daily basis.  

Sometimes firm negotiation can be required to reach a good deal. We have extensive experience with this and know what is involved in a merger or acquisition. We take care of you throughout the entire process: from declaration of intent to final transfer. 

There are all kinds of legal issues involved in a merger or acquisition. We always put together a team of specialists for this purpose.   

We are there for you in all possible disputes in and around the company. This may include shareholder disputes, take-over disputes, liability issues and inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber. 

The responsibilities and obligations of directors, supervisory directors and shareholders have expanded considerably and become more complicated in recent years. We have the expertise to advise you on articles of association, composition and authorisations of the board, accountability, duties of supervisors and commissioners and the role of participation and advisory bodies.  

The Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) and the European Commission strictly enforce competition rules. Our specialised Competition and State Aid team will help you in this area.  

Knowledge of competition law is also required when assisting with mergers and the purchase and sale of a business. 

Learn more about the approach of our Competition law and State Aid team. 

Corporate housekeeping includes all activities around fulfilling corporate and administrative-legal obligations, such as complying with shareholder agreements, recording shareholder resolutions and keeping the shareholder register up-to-date. Failure to comply with these obligations can carry far-reaching risks.  

We assist in setting up a business and its corporate structures. In addition, we support adequate recording of decisions and fulfilment of corporate law obligations.  

As a business law attorney, you need to understand what drives the business owner and the issues he/she faces on a daily basis within the business. The attorney should be able to serve as a sounding board for the entrepreneur.
Gerard Gort
Lawyer, Managing Partner
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