Real Estate law

Real estate law is a vast area of law in which many partial interests and partial aspects play a role. The real estate attorneys of La Gro Geelkerken are at home in the world of real estate. Our attorneys assist contractors, architects, construction supervisors, governments, housing corporations, developers and suppliers, among others, and provide them with expert advice on, for example, general terms and conditions, contract and partnership types, and construction arbitrations. Real estate entrepreneurs can also come to us with all their questions about buying and selling, renting and leasing, leasehold and ground lease, apartment rights and contracting.

Our approach 

The real estate team specialises in all aspects of commercial real estate and will assist you from start to finish. From the transaction to the actual settlement. Together with you, we determine the right approach and angle, based on our legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market.  

We proactively give you input, propose pragmatic solutions and are alert to pitfalls and blind spots. Mostly in the background, where necessary in the foreground up to the Board of Arbitration or civil court. 

Your specialist
Arjen Doelman

Specialist Real Estate law

What we can do for you

We assist real estate entrepreneurs in the purchase and sale of property. From drafting or reviewing a purchase agreement, defining resolutive and suspensive conditions to resolving disputes. 

Tenancy law is a dynamic area of law that is characterised by the application of mandatory rules on the one hand and freedom of contract on the other. It is a separate branch within property law. That’s why we have a specialised tenancy law team. They know the rules of the game like no other and will provide you with sound and specialist advice on, among other things, rental options, drafting and assessing leases, rights and obligations in the event of rent changes, and area development and expropriation.  

Construction is a multi-faceted world associated with complex legal regulations. That’s why we are there for you at every stage of a construction project. We advise on contracts and negotiations and assist you in conflict situations.  

When you want to tender a construction project, you are usually required to comply with strict procedures. Our procurement team will assist throughout the complete tendering procedure. We will advise on how to set up your procurement process, help you answer questions from tenderers in a summary of additional information and changes, and assist in drawing up contracts with candidates or tenderers. 

Splitting up a building to create separate apartments involves the provisions of apartment law. How the building is divided into apartment rights must be described in a deed of division. In addition, the rights and obligations of individual apartment owners must be specified. In addition, you will have to deal with an Owners Association (VvE). 

We support you in correctly recording the apartment right and we familiarise you with the rights, obligations and possibilities of an Owners’ Association.  

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