Tenancy law

Tenancy law is a dynamic area of law that is characterised by the application of mandatory rules on the one hand and freedom of contract on the other. It is a separate branch within property law. La Gro Geelkerken has specialised tenancy law attorneys who know the rules of the game like no other. They know how to put your position in the right legal context and are happy to advise you on your lease agreement and other issues that landlords and tenants face.

Our approach  

Our tenancy law specialists have thorough, specialised knowledge. They will be happy to advise you on the possibilities concerning lease of residential and commercial space, such as stores, restaurants and offices.  

Whether it is a (simple) lease, a mixed (residential) contract, such as housing combined with care, issues relating to area development or transformation of real estate, we have the right attorney for each field. We also have extensive experience in litigation, both for the landlord and the tenant. 

Your specialist
Linda Dijkstra - Devillers

Specialist Real Estate law & Tenancy law

Here’s what we can do for you

If you are entering into a lease relation, we can draft and/or amend a customised lease agreement for that purpose. We also assess your (standard) lease agreement and review it to test compliance with relevant legislation. Do you want a temporary lease agreement or, on the contrary, the longest possible lease relation? We advise you on any necessary adjustments and how any specific requirements can be implemented. 

When can the lease amount be increased or decreased? We know the possibilities, give you input and come up with specific advice.  

Our tenancy law team is broadly deployable within its own expertise. For example, our specialists have years of experience in guiding processes concerning area development and expropriation.  

And procedures. When necessary we respresent you in procedures related to tenancy law. We have extensive experience in procedures in matters concerning rent, for both the landlord or the tenant.

Tenancy law is still developing, but is never a stand-alone discipline. With knowledge of the industry, understanding of the environment, and focus on your interests, we will achieve the best outcome for you.
Linda Dijkstra - Devillers
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