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COVID-19 working time reduction

Due to COVID-19 many companies (temporarily) do not have sufficient work arrangements for all employees. To this end, the Dutch government provides a so-called working time reduction support policy (werktijdverkorting).

Employers can optionally shorten the working hours of (all or specific) employees. These hours will be compensated by the Dutch government through the Employee Insurance Company (UWV) in the form of Unemployment benefits (WW-uitkering). The period for working time reduction cannot exceed six weeks, and can be extended by the employer up to three times, each time for a maximum period of six weeks.

If your company is affected by COVID-19 and you are unable to fully use your work capacity, we can help you to determine if you qualify for benefits related to "working time reduction."

Our colleagues David Korzec, attorney at law, and Yu Ye, head of China Desk, will gladly help you using the following contact details:

David Korzec:

Ye Yu:
+31 639267995