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La Gro Geelkerken focuses on the daily legal dilemmas of entrepreneurs, institutions, and governments.

Stakeholders with conflicting interests, tense employment relationships, disputed deliveries and agreements, or plans for expansion encountering limitations: the lawyers of La Gro Geelkerken offer a new perspective and let laws and rules work to your benefit.

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Employment law

Our Employment Law Team supports and facilitates you with all your employment law-related questions. Our lawyers have extensive experience with individual dismissal processes, reorganisations, mergers, and acquisitions. We provide advice on the content of individual employment agreements, and help you if you have any questions about benefits, collective labour agreements, pensions, and employment conditions. We also serve as your fixed point of contact in the field of employee participation and public official law: quick, clear, and to the point.

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Asia desk

With more than 12 years of experience, we have become one of the leading legal Asia experts in the Netherlands. The members of our Asia team provide legal and business advice to Dutch companies planning to do business in Asia and Asian companies planning to do business in Europe. We regularly advise on selling products, drafting contracts, logistics issues, protecting intellectual property rights, setting up companies and joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, customs and anti-dumping issues and acting in disputes.

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Real estate

Many different parties with occasionally conflicting interests are engaged in the construction sector. Our client portfolio includes construction companies, developers, architects, and suppliers. Our Real Estate lawyers assist them with expert advice, for example on general terms and conditions, contract and collaboration forms, and construction arbitration. Real estate entrepreneurs can contact us about all their questions concerning purchase and sale, rental and letting, leasehold, and lease, as well as about apartment law and contracting.

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The development of spatial projects often involves a complex and sometimes lengthy interplay between private and public parties. Developers and governments must cooperate for the creation of, for example, residential districts, business parks, or sports parks. The Government Team of La Gro Geelkerken serves as the designated lawyer for a large number of municipalities in the Randstad. We pro-actively think about processes related to zoning plans, environmental permits, environmental requirements, and the settlement of land costs.

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Corporate law

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a starter, our Corporate Law lawyers support you with specialised knowledge and experience. We provide the entrepreneur, shareholders, and directors with advice in our role of sparring partner. Advice about powers and liability, about the right legal form for a restructuring, or when concluding partnerships such as joint ventures and (strategic) participations. We manage mergers and acquisitions and contribute to a suitable approach to corporate governance. We also provide advice and conduct proceedings when you have questions about insolvency, financing and securities.

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Procurement law

Tenders are often subject to strict procedures. La Gro Geelkerken has an extensive tender practice and vast experience with all aspects of tender procedures.

When are you required to issue a tender, and when can you rely on an exemption to this rule? What about public-public and public-private cooperation and direct awards? And what if you believe the award took place incorrectly? How can you object against this? Our Tender lawyers can answer all these questions.

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Intellectual Property rights and IT

When you, as an entrepreneur, invest in your services and products, you will want to protect your unique products. Our Intellectual Property Rights & IT Team has specialists in the field of copyright, trademarks, trade name rights, design rights, domain names, stolen corporate data, and counterfeit products. They also help you protect any software you have developed, for example by concluding a SaaS agreement or another software contract.

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Privacy & data protection

The importance of privacy law is growing steadily. Not only due to technical developments, but also due to regulations that are being tightened up, which means that compliance in this field should be a serious point of attention for any organisation of any size.

The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the fines that the Dutch Data Protection Authority can impose are, of course, immediately obvious. In the meantime, an e-Privacy Regulation is also being prepared.

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Travel law

Whether you are a travel agency or tour operator: all travel companies face a myriad of rules. Dutch and European rules, such as the Directive on Package Travel, the Dutch Act on Travel Agreements, the DBC Regulation, the Travel Offers Code, and the ANVR Travel and Reservation Conditions. In order to handle these complex regulations, our Travel Law lawyers cooperate in multidisciplinary teams where necessary.

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Contract law

Drawing up a solid contract is not easy. After all, a contract will only be dug up and dusted off in the event of any issues, and you will need to be able to rely on it in that case. Our Contract Law lawyers make sure you can. The team consists of lawyers of national fame, international experience, in-depth knowledge, and ample court experience. From preventing issues to assistance in court: we are here for you.

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Competition and government aid

Companies may not make any arrangements with each other that could impede competition. The Netherlands Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) and the European Commission strictly monitor proper compliance with these competition regulations. This is why our specialised lawyers of the Competition and Government Aid Team will be happy to help you observe the restrictions of competition law, for example in the case of franchise and distribution agreements, mergers, acquisition, and the incorporation of joint ventures.

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Insolvency, financing & securities

Our specialists of the Restructuring, Financing, and Securities Team prefer to think ahead not only in good times, yet also in bad times. They assist you when you incorporate a company or expand your existing company and need financing. But they always pay attention to possible bad times. Because these are the times when it is especially important to have your affairs in order. Our specialists serve as your partner with their experience as liquidators and insolvency law lawyers.

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Family law

You and your partner have decided or are considering a divorcement. This is often a difficult decision to make. You will have all kinds of questions: How are property and business assets divided? Are you or your partner entitled to alimony? How do you arrange the care for the children? These are all understandable questions. When answering these and other questions, you need an involved expert who can assist and advise you. Our lawyers and mediators will help you make sound and solid arrangements.

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