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Asia desk

With more than 12 years of experience, we have become one of the leading legal Asia experts in the Netherlands. The members of our Asia team provide legal and business advice to Dutch companies planning to do business in Asia and Asian companies planning to do business in Europe. We regularly advise on selling products, drafting contracts, logistics issues, protecting intellectual property rights, setting up companies and joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, customs and anti-dumping issues and acting in disputes.

If you are already thinking about doing business in Asia, you will most likely struggle with questions such as:

  • How to find the right and reliable partners and build up a relationship with them?
  • How to manage my suppliers and guarantee consistent quality?
  • What is the best location to start my Asia operations and what is the most appropriate legal structure?
  • How can I protect my intellectual property in the Asia market?
  • What permits and certifications do I need and how do I apply for them?

In advising our clients we provide answers to these questions and more than just legal advice. Our goal is to a take an entrepreneurial and proactive approach in working with our clients. Together with our clients we decide, structure and fine-tune their Asia strategy and offer ongoing assistance to companies aiming for long-term success. We share our international business network with our clients to create more business opportunities and win-win situations for all the parties we are connected with and we have strategic partnerships with a variety of experts in different fields.


Please contact

J. (Joost) Vrancken Peeters

Partner Corporate Law – Asia Practice

+31 (0)70-7900 130 / +316 202 106 57

“LGGA will connect you with the right people, facilitating your swift, well-prepared and strategic entry into the Asia market.”

Joost Vranken Peeters, Head of Asia desk
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